Siri & Snelle’s Land is a vegetable patch in the middle of Oslo. Here, the two glamour addicts reconnect with the earth after a trip to a country festival has transformed them into eco-wannabes. Emotions are allowed free reign, making this a nicely claustrophobic, intimate and grumpy experience. But they are not alone; they are accompanied on stage by a live band who operate in the murky waters between jazz, ambient, country and electronica. They also bring a Swedish assistant on stage, who helps them navigate between the commercial and the banal, the sad and the pathetic, the personal and the private.

Welcome to a show with great bravado and subtle messages.

Concept and coreography: Siri Jøntvedt and Snelle Hall
Performers: Siri Jøntvedt, Snelle Hall and Anna Westberg
Music: Bjørn Charles Dreyer (guitar) and Erland Dahlen (drums)
Set Designer: Benedicte Kahrs
Costumes: Maria Bohlin
Dramaturge/light design: Svante Grogarn
Produced by: Siri og Snelle Produksjoner
Graphic Design: Elinor Ström

Supported by: Arts Council Norway, Fund for sound and light and Found for performing artists.

Premiered 23rd November 2006, Black Box Teater, Oslo, Norway

Dette innlegget ble skrevet 3. November 2006 av Siri & Snelle.